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Products / Can Mould Maker

Personal skills backed by state-of-the-art equipment
and much experience support superb quality.

Grasping the age's need in advance, and toward the limitless technology depth,
pour love into products by making much of an uncompromising spirit
in design, production, and inspection.


Products Overview
Canning tools (for beverages), wear resistant tools, shearing tools, mechanical parts,  and others.

1. Single products of super hard w.c. and steel
2. Combined products of super hard materials and steel, as well as w.c. and steel.

Making much of customers' needs, we will provide 100% satisfaction from design to production.


Substantial equipment and accumulated high technologies
How to pour production spirit into products, How to obtain customers' trust, inject their energy.
Major machines and equipment
• NC universal grinder
• NC internal grinder
• NC copy-grinder
• NC forming grinder
• NC electric discharge machine
• NC wire cut electric discharge machine
• NC lathe
• Rotary grinder